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Medical & Health Equipments

In pursuit of technical progress and the ever-advancing demands of life in Indonesia, a direction of development observed by Indonesian entrepreneurs to open new fields of cultivation in pharmacy, medical and support equipment. This in turn has created the establishment of  PT. TIARA KENCANA.  

PT. TIARA KENCANA (TINA for short) a private limited enterprise was founded in 1972, and actively performed business with pharmaceuti cal products by 1974. Development occurred in 1977 with the intro duction of medical equipment, and further progress has brought TINA to the field of hospital support equipment in 1979. A further extension s realized in 1981 with the start of production and assembling of medi cal electronic equipment, kitchen equipment, and incinerators. TINA distributes from more than 20 foreign and local pharmaceutical companies. In the field of medical and hospital support equipment, TINA represents as sole-agent for over 20 manufacturers from Germany, USA, UK, Norway, Japan, Taiwan (ROC), Italy and Australia. This includes fields in diagnostics, cardiology, neurology, minimum inva sive surgery, emergency and evacuation, ENT, psychiatry, radiology, and physiotherapy.

TINA today serves more than 3800 customers, consisting of various dispensaries, polyclinics, regional medical centers, and hospitals. Covering all 33 provinces with contacts with private, government, and military establishments. Sales are done directly, or through tenders both local as well as international. This we believe is in the framework of providing total medical health care. TINA comprising of over 100 employees manages a service scope as large as the Indonesian archipelago. All of which is maintained by independent working capital free from foreign investment, and duly supported by the Bank Bumi Daya Jakarta Kota Branch. The general planning of TINA's activities is based on sales and after sales service is more of new products. With high standards to establish andreach exceptional safety standards and efficiency. We believe that, only the excellent supplier can uphold good connections, which is based on the responsibility to lasting use of the sold commodities. And, all this in relation to our motto:  

Profile of PT. Tiara Kencana
"Towards Better Health Care"

"After Sales Service Is More Important Than Sales"